Sanctuary for All Project

March 29, 2023

We are glad to make this very exciting and long-awaited announcement! The Trinity Centre is now one step closer to initiating our Sanctuary for All Project, which will see the building transform in a way that would provide our users with the best experience possible. On Tuesday 28thMarch 2023, the National Heritage Fund announced a substantial grant to help us achieve our goal for wide ranging improvements to the former Methodist Church, to support more than 20 groups who are actively associated with us.

Standing tall in the City of Cardiff for over 126 years, outbuilding is now in dire need of redevelopment in order to be fit for its purposes – to be a welcoming place for local communities to come together in a safe environment to share their experiences of life, access support, make new friends and learn new skills.

Some of the new features we hope to see in our redeveloped building will include:

    Improved access into and around the building

    The addition of a lift

     More and better toilets and baby-changing facilities

     A larger kitchen equipped to feed 80-100 people

     Creation of consultation rooms to allow for privacy

     New Food Bank access route for when other areas are in use or locked

     Flexible spaces with foldaway seating and tables to allow space to be adaptive

     Newflooring and heating system

     Improved storage facilities, lighting and ventilation

We as a centre are very grateful to all the friends and well-wishers of Trinity Centre, who through their generous donations and fundraisers have enabled us to kickstart this project of redevelopment. However, we have still not yet reached our final goal of making this dream a reality and so if you would like to get involved or help through ways of fundraising or sharing the story of the Trinity Centre with your friends, families, communities, co-workers, and others then please do get in touch with the Trinity team and check out our donations page here.