Growing up in this building

March 29, 2023

Growing up in a church can be a unique and meaningful experience for many people. For those who have spent much of their childhood and teenage years attending services, participating in church activities, and building relationships with fellow congregants, the church can feel like a second home.

In a new video series which you can find on our YouTube channel, we get to hear the unique and engaging stories of both groups and individuals who have been impacted by the building’s mission and vision.

One of the first stories shared is that of Deacon Laura Evans, the current Minister at Conway Road Methodist Church in Cardiff. Laura's story begins when she was just a new-born, and her family first came to Trinity Methodist Church. For Laura, Trinity became a safe, comforting, and welcoming place that would forever be synonymous with her life. But the emotional connection to a church goes beyond just the physical building. The relationships formed within the community can be incredibly strong and enduring. From Sunday school teachers to youth group leaders to fellow members of the congregation, these individuals can become a second family, providing support and guidance through all stages of life.

One of the most significant aspects of growing up in a church is the creation of a safe space. For many, a place of worship can feel like a sanctuary, a place where they can escape from the outside world and be surrounded by people who share their beliefs and values. The rituals and traditions of the church can provide a sense of comfort and familiarity, making it easier to navigate the challenges of growing up.

As she grew up, Trinity became more than just a place to attend Sunday services. It became a home away from home where she found community, friendship, and support. She says that the building played a significant role in shaping who she is today.

Laura's story also sheds light on the history of the building and how the mission and vision of the Trinity Centre came into fruition. She explains that Trinity Centre was born out of a desire to serve the community and bring people together. The centre's mission is to be a place asylum seekers and others in need of support and social circles can come together, share experiences, and work towards a better future.

Laura Evans is just one of many people whose’ story will be shared in this new video series. Each story offers a unique perspective on the role that Trinity Centre has played in people's lives. It's a testament to the power of community and how a building can bring people together in such a meaningful way.

In conclusion, the Trinity Centre is a place that has touched the lives of so many people in Cardiff and beyond. Through the new video series, we get to hear the personal stories of individuals and groups who have been impacted by the building's mission and vision. We can all learn from their experiences and be inspired by the power of community and the impact that abuilding can have on people's lives.