Issa's Story

May 27, 2022

I am Issa. I am 24 years and I come from Damascus, Syria. I arrived alone in UK 8 months ago because my house was destroyed and my village was attacked by soldiers and aircraft bombing during the war.

I crossed Europe to arrive in this country without my family as a refugee. I lived in the street during my first 3 days in London with no food, no water, no sleep and I couldn’t understand any English. After 2 months living in a refugee house, the Home Office relocated me in other city, Cardiff. I was scared about the idea to move again.

At the beginning of my stay in this new city I met someone who recommended me to visit a charity for refugees and asylum seekers, Trinity Centre. ‘My life changed with this charity, they are my family and all these people from Trinity helped me to be part of a community’. I now have an opportunity to start a new life. I met new people, friends and refugees in the same situation like me, and I also chatted with people from all over the world. I started receiving free English lessons every week, allowing me to communicate with everybody and to have an easier life in this country. This centre offered me lots of activities, such as playing games, watching movies, visiting new places and going to the theatre. ‘I’m feeling busy now and I like it’.

All refugees need information once they arrive in UK. Not only concerning legal services or immigration issues, but also regarding educational support providing English courses or social events such as day trips, music concerts and different activities to make them feel part of a social group as Trinity Centre do. ‘I would be alone without this charity, but now I don’t feel alone any more’. ‘They make me feel comfortable, they helped despite my different race, colour, language, religion or belief’. Issa Farfour, Syrian refugee in Cardiff.