Our Mission

Our Purpose

The Trinity Centre offers a place where the local community can meet, share and learn from their experiences of life in a safe environment.

Our Mission

To offer a space where people from multiple continents with various faith backgrounds or none, can learn to integrate into their locality through coming together through a variety of programmes and groups which use the Centre’s facilities.

Our Vision

To offer sanctuary for all to support the needy in society, including refugees and asylum seekers, and to break down the barriers that separate communities by building mutual understanding respect and trust.

Our Commitment

The centre endeavours to strive to work for the betterment of the individual and society at large. It will initiate and/or collaborate with others aiming to serve, support and empower those in need, be they seeking sanctuary, trying to integrate or surviving on low income.

Trinity is being developed as a hub for those in need and, where possible, a partner to those fulfilling that need.


Safe Community

Our aim is to provide a safe space for all centre users and partners. The centre will provide an ethos of working in a space where open but respectful discussions and creative collaborations to assist people of Cardiff in their daily challenges resulting in service provision. Providers will find a space where they can further develop their understanding of public needs in order to fulfil those needs.



We will facilitate and provide activities with the aim of enjoying recreational and learning events. The centre also aims to celebrate the people who make up Cardiff thus raising awareness and understanding whilst enjoying our diversity together.



The Trinity Centre endeavours to remain cognisant of the many aspects and challenges of communication. Promoting intercultural communication, and education amongst communities is its commitment but we will also use resources at hand to communicate and advertise openly and inclusively, such as social media but also other traditional methods to ensure, where possible, people are not left behind.



At different times the centre has been a hub of information for people with a vast range of needs. At the very least it will continuously work towards sign posting people to the right place. This will always be a work in progress.

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